Corona Virus Update


Angel Kindergarten has opened again since June 1st after the government lifted the restrictions.

For any inquiries, please contact the office.


Our Education


Our vision

We strive to create a community which promotes lifelong learning.

Our children will grow into knowledgeable and kind-hearted internationally minded people.


Our mission

We nurture students that take on challenges, care for and collaborate with others.


Our philosophy

We strive to nurture affectionate students.

Knowledge - Intellect, knowledge, wisdom and creativity. We nurture creative students.

Emotion - Affectionate and caring. We nurture caring and spiritful students. 

Will - Patience and endurance. We nurture tenacious and patient students.

Body - Strong and healthy body. We nurture healthy and cheerful students.


Educational policies

Angel Kindergarten is an accredited International Baccalaureate World School. As such, we have implemented policies for our community. Please see 'Policies' under the IB tab in the menu for further information.


Our early years education


International Baccalaureate World School - Primary Years Programme

Angel Kindergarten is an accredited International Baccalaureate World School that is implementing the Primary Years Programme. As an IB World School, we share the philosophy of believing in high quality, challenging international education. At Angel Kindergarten, we believe that is important for our children to engage in this type of education.


A child's development and learning is the process of getting to the answer. Education, up until now, has ben teacher centered, where the adults takes away the students' opportunity to create their own meaning. A person learns through experience, making mistakes, and reflecting upon them. The IB philosophy emphasize the importance of empowering students and making them active learners. The answer must not be given, but be found by students through trial and error. Our teachers' roles are to build an environment to support the students in their learning and understanding. 


Let students be aware, think and practice

Students develop the ability to think, judge and express by themselves. When problem arises, we think together with the students and ask questions such as 'Why is it wrong?', 'What should we do?' and 'How do we convey our feelings others?'. While we observe the development of each student, they will learn through differentiation as we nurture them to improve their potential and to open up more possibilities. 


Nurturing a strong mind and body

Through circuit training on our large sports ground, we foster a strong mind and body. By taking on challenges and practice, students grow through the attitude of 'I want to try' and 'I'll try my best'.


English education

At Angel Kindergarten, we see English language acquisition as an important aspect of our community. We offer English language education in two forms.


English within the IB framework

We offer students the opportunity to learn English during daycare hours. Our teachers work together to support our students in both Japanese and English in their learning towards conceptual understanding, and becoming international minded. By being able to interact daily with the English language, the students will acquire the language naturally throughout their time at the kindergarten. English is provided to all three grades throughout the whole year.



ESOL is an extra-curricular English program.  Our goal is for the students to be able to engage in daily communication. The school provides lessons to our four year olds and five year olds. The curriculum aims to develop general communication skills from the time they begin K4 (four year olds) until elementary school graduation. ESOL lessons are provided outside of the regular daycare hours and are optional. Lessons are usually held five times per week, but depending on the school calendar it may change.


Study abroad

Applicants can study abroad at sister and partner schools. 


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. TEL: 055-987-5323 (Person in charge: Takagi and Murakami)


Student recruitment

Those who wish to enter the next school year (2020 - 2021): The childcare and services in the school year will change by Free of Charge for Early Childhood Education and Childcare that was implemented by the government in October 2019. Please contact us if you would like to visit: Phone number 055-987-5323

  • School buses with different courses
  • School lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesdays, students and teachers bring their own lunch boxes.
  • Information regarding English classes (ESOL) will be provided for those interested.

Job opportunities

We are currently not recruiting. However, feel free to contact us for future reference.


Management Information

Reading period for 2018 school evaluation finished (March 20, 2019)

Reading period for 2017 financial information and business report finished (December 4, 2018)