Our Education


Our vision

We strive to create a community which promotes lifelong learning.

Our children will grow into knowledgeable and kind-hearted internationally minded people.


Our mission

We nurture students that take on challenges, care for and collaborate with others.


Our philosophy

We strive to nurture affectionate students.

Knowledge - Intellect, knowledge, wisdom and creativity. We nurture creative students.

Emotion - Affectionate and caring. We nurture caring and spiritful students. 

Will - Patience and endurance. We nurture tenacious and patient students.

Body - Strong and healthy body. We nurture healthy and cheerful students.


We are an International Baccalaureate World School - Primary Years Programme

Angel Kindergarten is an accredited International Baccalaureate World School that is implementing the Primary Years Programme. As an IB World School, we share the philosophy of believing in high quality, challenging international education. At Angel Kindergarten, we believe that is important for our children to engage in this type of education.


A child's development and learning is the process of getting to the answer. Education, up until now, has been teacher centered, where the adults takes away the students' opportunity to create their own meaning. A person learns through taking ownership of their own learning. The IB philosophy emphasize the importance of empowering students and making them active learners. Students will inquire and create meaning through a formed partnership with teachers and other stakeholders. 



We respect our students as capable learners. The students ownership of their learning, their voice and opinions and their choices are the primary drivers in our programme. We support their agency by forming a partnership with the students and encourage them to think and test their theories, make choices and take action. Our responsibilities towards our students to support them in an environment where they have agency and self-efficacy. Students also have responsibilities towards themselves by taking ownership of their learning. 



We value the Japanese tradition of perseverance where we encourage students to try their best at all times. We seek to nurture the students into being balanced learners who understands that we need to have a sound body and mind.


English education

At Angel Kindergarten, we see English language acquisition as an important aspect of our community. We offer English language education in two forms.


English within the IB framework

We offer students the opportunity to learn English during daycare hours. Our teachers work together to support our students in both Japanese and English in their learning towards conceptual understanding and becoming international minded. English is provided to all three grades throughout the whole year.


Extra-curricular program: ESOL

ESOL is an extra-curricular English program.  Our goal is for the students to be able to engage in daily communication. The school provides lessons to our four year olds and five year olds. The curriculum aims to develop general communication skills from the time they begin K4 (four year olds) until elementary school graduation. ESOL lessons are provided outside of the regular daycare hours and are optional. Lessons are usually held five times per week, but depending on the school calendar it may change.


Extra-curricular program: Friends Club

This is the continuation of the ESOL program. Students must have been enrolled in the ESOL program in order to continue the Friends Club program. This program is for elementary school students grade one to six. Friends Club lessons are provided three times per week, with some exceptions depending on the school calendar.


Study abroad

Applicants can study abroad at sister and partner schools. 


Student recruitment

Those who wish to enter for the school year Reiwa 4 (ongoing) or Reiwa 5, please contact us on phone number 055-987-5323.


Job opportunities

We are currently not recruiting any English teachers at this moment. 



For any inquires in English, please call us at 055-987-5323.
Ask for Mrs. Takagi or Ms. Murakami.